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Hamilton Teeth Whitening

Hamilton Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Do you want a white, youthful smile? At Gage Park Dental we can give you dramatic results, quickly. With in-office and at-home whitening treatments, you can whiten your teeth, your way.We use the Philips ZOOM whitening system, the most patient-requested system in North America. ZOOM provides reliable results with a minimum of discomfort.

At Home Treatment

If you’d like to whiten your teeth on your schedule and have control over how white your teeth become, at-home treatment is for you. We’ll provide you with the whitening kit, which consists of two trays and a tube of whitening gel.

Every day, for 5-10 days depending on how much you want to whiten your teeth, you’ll put the gel in the trays and wear them for around 30 minutes. You’ll see the results of the treatment gradually, allowing you to stop when your teeth are as white as you want them.

In Office Treatment

If you want quicker, more dramatic results, we offer in-office whitening treatment. The treatment begins with a consultation with us on how white you want your teeth to be. Once you pick a shade, we’ll apply the whitening gel to your teeth and use a special light to activate the process.

Get the whiter, brighter, more youthful smile you deserve. Call our office to book a whitening consultation today.

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