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Hamilton Sports Guards

Hamilton Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances

Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

Your teeth are very strong, but they are vulnerable to injury from playing contact sports and to damage from constant grinding. Sports guards and bite appliances provide a layer of protection for your teeth, ensuring that they last a lifetime. Gage Park Dental offers custom-made guards to protect your teeth.

Bite Appliances

Bite appliances, or night guards, are used to protect your teeth from damage caused by grinding teeth. Grinding teeth, or bruxism, occurs while you sleep, and over time it can slowly wear away the enamel on your teeth, leaving them exposed to infection and further damage. A custom-made bite appliance fits over your teeth while you sleep, holding your jaw in place and preventing you from grinding your teeth.

Sports Guards

Contact sports like hockey, boxing or football can result in serious injury to your teeth, but did you know that any sport has a risk of injury? We offer sports guards that are custom-made to provide maximum protection for your teeth while remaining comfortable so you can focus on winning.

Protect your teeth! To learn more about custom-made guards, give us a call today.