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Sports Guards and Night (Bite) Appliances in Hamilton

Keep Your Teeth Safe from Injury

We offer custom-made sports guards and night appliances to protect your teeth from injury and damage. Custom guards fit securely and comfortably to provide the maximum amount of protection for your teeth.

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Why Do I Need to Protect My Teeth?

Although your teeth are very strong, they can still be injured or damaged by impact or chronic clenching or grinding. If your teeth aren't protected, they could be broken or lost, or they could become crooked or misaligned. Custom guards and appliances are designed to fit your teeth very closely so they provide excellent protection against damage. They also fit comfortably so they don't slip out of place or rub on the inside of your mouth.

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Bite Appliances

Night appliances are used to prevent teeth grinding and clenching while you sleep. They work by holding your jaws in place. This prevents them from clenching or grinding and protects your teeth.

Sports Guards

Sports guards are worn over your teeth to absorb impact and prevent injury. Our custom guards fit without slipping so your teeth are protected, and you can focus on your game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t play a contact sport. Should I still wear a sports guard?

Yes. Injury from impacts and falls are possible in any sport. A sports guard will protect your teeth from damage.

A properly-fitting sports guard will provide the best protection. The guard should be comfortable, durable, and thick enough to absorb impacts. It should also allow you to speak and breathe easily and you shouldn’t have to bite the guard to hold it in place.

Guards last for two or three seasons of play. After this, their ability to protect your teeth will have deteriorated and they should be replaced.

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